The Designers

Over twenty years ago, when I took a summer job working for my uncle’s landscaping company, I had no idea that I was actually taking the first step to discovering my life’s passion. I continued to work in the field, overseeing construction and maintenance, while studying Landscape Design and Horticulture at Farmingdale University — and have never looked back. I’ve built my career around creating breathtaking environments and unique outdoor living spaces that stem from the collaborative relationships I form with my clients. When I’m not working, my son Mason and I collaborate by rocking out to KISS on Rocksmith.

-Bryce Insalaco 

I’ve been working in the landscape design industry professionally for over 13 years, but my love of landscaping and design goes back to the summer days I spent helping my mother with her beloved garden — as the only boy of four, naturally, I became her personal garden lackey! I went on to study architecture at the New York Institute of Technology, and have built my career around my passion for creating innovative spaces that mimic nature. Outside of work, I love spending time with my wife, nieces and nephews, and my dog… she’s a lot like a kid, except she listens better.

Jason Caldeira